Ancient Green Earth (Terra Verte Ancienne) - 103

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Ancient Green Earth powder pigment is a natural earth pigment suitable for use with most paint mediums. It is also suitable for tinting lime washes and Mortars.

  • Natural Earth Pigment
  • Suitable for tinting paints
  • Ideal for making artists paints
  • Suitable for Lime And Cement
  • Non Toxic

Technical Info:

Pigment Name: Ancient Green Earth – 103
Pigment Type:
  Natural  Earths & Ochres
Country of Origin: Italy
Colour Index: 
Chemical Make-up: Ferrous and ferric silicates of potassium, manganese, aluminium
Chemical Formula: Sio2, AI203,TI03Fe203,Mg),Ca03,Na20,Mn0,K20
Lime Stable? Yes
UV Rating: Good
Colouring Power: Good
Particle Size: 50 microns (325 Mesh)
Heat Stability: Colour Stable to 165°C / 330° F