Cyprus Umber Spiced (Ombre Brulee de chypre B) - 133

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Umber pigments are natural brown or reddish-brown earth pigment that contain iron oxide.  Our Cyprus Umber Spiced has a rich brown hue with a red undertone, reminiscent of ground paprika. Use this spice red pigment to Create rich coloured oil paints, watercolours, acrylics and pastels, or used it to add a splash of colour to lime washes, plasters and mortars.

  • A Natural Earth Pigment
  • Permanent To UV
  • Suitable For All Mediums
  • Lime And Cement Colour Stable
  • Non-Toxic

Technical Info:

Pigment Name: Cyprus Umber Spiced – 133
Pigment Type:
  Natural  Earths & Ochres
Country of Origin: Cyprus
Colour Index: Br7
Density: 543g/l
Chemical Make-up:  Iron oxide, clay silicates
Chemical Formula: (TBC)
Lime Stable? Yes
UV Rating: Very Good
Colouring Power: Very Good
Particle size: 50 microns (325 Mesh)
Heat Stability: Colour Stable to 165°C / 330° F