Indian Blue (Blue Indien) - 233

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India Blue is a mid to light blue synthetic pigment manufactured in France. Uses include the making of Artists paints, pastels and crayons. You can also create custom paint colours for the home by adding our pigments to paint, varnish, glazes and grout.

  • A Manufactured Pigment
  • Good UV Stability
  • Suitable For All Mediums Including Fresco
  • Lime And Cement Colour Stable
  • Non-Toxic

Technical Info:

Pigment Name: India Blue – 233
Pigment Type:
  Manufactured Pigment
Country of Origin: France
Colour Index: B15
Density: 1200 g/l
Chemical Make-up:  Copper phthalocyanine & polysulphurized sodium aluminosilicate
Chemical Formula: C3OH18FeN3NaO6
Lime Stable? No
UV Rating: Average
Colouring Power: Good
Particle size: 50 microns (325 Mesh)
Heat Stability: Colour Stable to 138°C / 280° F