Ultramarine Blue (Bleu Outremer) - 284

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Ultramarine Blue pigment is a deep blue synthetic pigment, suitable for most media, Care should be taken if using with lime based media, prolonged storage in a wet lime binder will cause the pigment to fade. For best results with lime mix and use immediately. Once the lime is dry the pigment is more stable. As with most blue pigments Ultramarine blue is not UV stable so unsuitable for areas exposed to sunlight which will cause fading.

  • A Manufactured Pigment
  • Excellent UV Stability
  • Suitable For All Mediums
  • Lime And Cement Colour Stable When Dry, Must be used quickly when mixed
  • Non-Toxic

Technical Info:

Pigment Name: Ultramarine Blue – 284
Pigment Type:
  Manufactured Pigment
Country of Origin: UK
Colour Index: B29 – N° CAS : 101357-30-6
Density: 648 g/l
Chemical Make-up:  Sodium aluminosilicate polysulphide
Chemical Formula: Na6Al6Si6O24S4
Lime Stable? Yes*
UV Rating: Average
Colouring Power: Very Good
Particle Size: 50 microns (325 Mesh)
Heat Stability: Colour Stable to 150°C / 300° F